Magnet and wire interaction: Qualitative Testing Experiment


To test your model of magnet and current interactions

Prior Knowledge

  • Newton's laws
  • An understanding of what a scale reads
  • A model of how a magnetic field exerts a force on moving charges

Description of the Experiment

A horseshoe magnet (north pole marked in red) is inserted around a horizontal wire. The magnet is placed on the scale. Use your knowledge of Newton's laws and your understanding of how moving charges interact with a magnetic field to predict what will happen to the reading on the scale when the circuit is switched on.

Use the markings on the power supply to figure out which way the current flows in the circuit.

Addtional Information

Note that because of the bad camera angle, it is hard to read the digital scale before the current is switched on. The scale reads 162.01g.

Youtube movies can be stepped frame by frame using the , and . keys on your keyboard. If you want to download the movie to your computer, right-click or control-click HERE.


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